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Facilities : The Petrus Productdesign studio hosts a well epuipped workshop for a multitude of crafts and manufacturing techniques, all acquired through the ages with hands-on experience ... and some literature.

Whether you need an accurate acid-resistant push-button for a public appliance or a 100 m│ stainless steel submerged artwork, we will accept the challenge. Free price offer here. We provide worldwide shipping.

If material-specific questions rise during the designproces or  prototyping we're able to expertise and test most materials on the spot, e.g.: the bending or welding- capabilities of a material, its surface- and finishing-properties, its volumetric weight, its resistance to weather, corrosion and chemicals, ...

Machinery & Tooling :

  • Milling-machine 4-axes, conventional : 720 x 450 x 450 mm., mandril axis -90░/+90░

  • Turning-lathe, semi-automatic :1020 x ě 450 mm., over a 100 thread-proportions

  • Equipment for cutting, bending, drilling, threading, TIG- & MIG-welding, brazing, cold- & hot forging, glueing, rivetting, sanding, deburring, lacquering, flame polishing, sharpening, honing, thermoforming, vacuum forming ... a plethora of powered and non-powered handtools... plus imagination.

  • Die casting : plaster, wax, composites, rubber, tin, lead, liquid wood, ...

Processed Materials :

  • METALS : steel, stainless, Al, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ag, Au, Pb, most ferro & non-ferro-alloys

  • PLASTICS : ABS, CN, EPDM, EPS, EVA, HDPE, HPL, LDPE, MF, PA 6, PA 12, PA GF, PC, PEEK, PMMA, POM, PP, PS, PTFE, PU, PUR, PVC, SAN, SI, UF..., Rubbers & Silicones. Intrigued ? Please refer to this alphabetical list for polymer abbreviations.

  • COMPOSITES : ceramics, glass- carbon- and Kevlar░-fiber, soft- & hardfoams, mdf, polyester, epoxy, resin, Vantablack░, Aerogel,░ ...

  • ORGANICS : wood, glass, fabric/textile, leather, paper, modelling clay, rocks & minerals (non organic), amber ...


Surface finishing : almost any. Partnerships for powdercoating, anodising, chromize, gilding and silver-plating.

Third Parties : We do not provide Computer Aided Manufacturing and 3D-printing. However we maintain partnerships with companies who do. Feel free to communicate your ideas, drawings or 3D-files. We will optimize them, choose a material and a suitable printing method for your design and needs. Next day delivery is sometimes possible within the EU.

Single Piece : Dummy or Functional Prototype

Series : small & large. up to 100K/year

.Insulin Device, Dummy.Glucose Meter Foam Models/Dummies.3D measuring device, dummy.Scale model 'Spirit of St. Louis' 1/4. Technical Hi Density Foam Models

 Surgical Tool, Working Prototype

Surgical Tool, Working Prototype 1K serie, custom hole pattern