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Management: We will look after any sub-division in your production-process, whether you give us a rough sketch to start with, whether production has already started and you need, let's say ; a specialized tool for assembly... we will provide it on very short terms.

Strategy / Sub Divisions :

* Marketing : PPP, market research, how to improve, advertising, folders, displays ...

* Design : consulting, sketches, renderings, technical drawings, study on mechanics, liability, color & shape, general looks, semiotics, recycling ...

* Prototyping : technical models & hi-end presentation-dummies, proto-series, material & technique optimization: reduces production-jams.

* Logistics : organization chart : put together the supplier sheet, WHO is supplying WHAT, when, quantities ? What can we do ourself ? Production means, lay-out & scenario.

* Production Costs : R & D, staff-timetables, raw materials, tooling & production-aid, assembly, manuals, packaging, transport, certificates, intellectual property, benefit, break-even-point, ...

* Follow-up, fine tuning and improvement of the manufacturing process.

Legal / Contract / Price-offer

* Two types of co-operation :

  • All-in-all : 1 contract, 1 price. Both parties agree on a defined job.

  • Per hour/day, according to merit.

Design Process : from sketch to working prototype