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A brief history :

  • Worked for a variety of commercial and industrial companies: multinationals, small enterprises, nonprofit organizations and private persons. See References

  • Employment : up to 6 craftspersons and designers, depending on the workload.

  • Turnover (non-disclosed) Euro €/year Pound £/year USD $/year

  • January 2000: moved to a location with a more substantial workshop area.

  • October 2014 : celebrated 20 years anniversary.

  • Present : Industry consultant, product manager, industrial designer, hands-on problem solver, modelmaker & prototypebuilder, inventor, eternal student, coffee aficionado.

  • Future : Looking for new challenges in hi-tech environments : automotive, aeronautics, space, ICT, consumer electronics, IOT devices, robotics, artificial intelligence, quantumphysics, sustainable energy, medical, pharmaceutical... Striving to settle a personal benchmark for ethical and user-centered design.

* Favorite quote : Benoît Mandelbrot on May 12th 2004 in Knack Magazine : "The science community doesn't encourage roaming from one discipline to another. Someone who's fairly good at several domains doesn't even get noticed because they don't excel in one domain in particular" uomo universale